Client Reviews

“5.0 stars”

“Tried hard to get the best for both of us. Very knowledgeable. He did a good job representing me.”
Matthew (12/10/18)

“Always kept us informed on progress 5 stars”

Always got back to us real fast and took his time to explain things to us. Real easy to talk to and got us great results.
Enrique (11/26/18)

“Excellent bilingual legal representation”

“Two years ago Mr. Robles took on my mother’s personal injury case. I had suggested to my mom that she needed an attorney for her case as all of the paperwork that she started to receive became very overwhelming. Mr. Robles came to my mother’s home to learn about what had happened. My mother felt very comfortable with him as he was able to communicate with her in Spanish. He explained everything very clearly and made her feel much more at ease with what was going on. Upon hiring Mr. Robles to represent my mom in her case, Mr. Robles was always available to answer questions via phone, email and text. My mother was very happy with the outcome of the case and was very satisfied with the attention that was given to her by Mr. Robles as well as the professionalism of his work.”
Leticia (11/1/16)

*The Law Office of Eduardo Robles does not offer any guaranty or warranty of case results. Each case and client are unique. Past success does not guarantee success in any new or future case.*